Iain & Zoe - site visit circa 1992

Iain & Zoe - site visit circa 1992

Hi! We are Iain Gregory and Zoe Worth, brother and sister and the second generation of Countrywide Events. We love running events - it’s in everything we do. We love hearing success stories from our exhibitors and how much our visitors enjoyed their experience. We believe in running better events, each one is a year in the making to give you the best visit possible. Both Zoe and I have children who are growing up in the industry just as we did, at most of the events you’ll meet all three generations! We can’t wait to see you at one of our events. Iain & Zoe

"I could run better events..."

In 1980 Dad, Clive Gregory, exhibited at craft events as a miniature watercolourist alongside his job as a journalist. Over the years he had been to bad events and good events and thought there was better way to organise and run craft events for both exhibitors and public...

the first - 1980

Mum & Dad started to recruited exhibitors and found a local venue in the center of our hometown, Queens Hall. The first event was a small one day event for true craft exhibitors only. Each evening Dad made wooden screens to shield the backs of exhibitors, wired cables so that exhibitors had free power, designed our first logo together Mum & Dad set the principles of Countrywide Events:

Run the best possible event for exhibitors and public alike

Reasonable entry prices, parents shouldn’t always have to pay for their children

High advertising budget to attract the right people

High quality venues, exhibitors and events

three mile queue!

By 1982 Countrywide Events was now a full-time business, our first two day event at Beaumanor Hall was so busy that the local Police came and closed the event early due to the three miles of traffic blocking the main road! This was the start of Countrywide Events as a leading organiser of small high quality events and is the basis of our reputation.


Since 1982 we have pioneered new venues such as Castle Ashby and Luton Hoo - first and only public events inside the houses, first to use clear-span, carpeted and lined marquees, first to introduce a food section to craft events, pioneered new event types such as food marquees at county shows (Southport Flower show) and Gift Shows. Very few organisers remain from the 1980’s, those that do are owned by larger companies while we remain family owned and run. In 2009 my sister and I took over the business continuing the ethos of Countrywide Events. This year we’ve launched new events taking Countrywide in a parallel direction but still producing the best events we can for our venues and visitors!