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Countrywide Events Exhibitors

At Countrywide Events we pride ourselves on running professional events all over the country, we do this by leading by example.
We believe there is nothing more important in business than the next event!

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What We Do For You

  • No last-minute discounts – it’s not fair for those who are booked already!
  • No extra charges – each event is an all inclusive fixed price
  • Each position is 10ft x 6ft(3.04mt x 1.8mt)
  • Each position has one 6ft table and 2 chairs
  • Free Power within 15ft (4.4mt)
  • We group exhibitors by theme to maximise the visitors retail experience
  • Non-duplication policy with only 40-60 exhibitors
  • We continue to use state rooms inside our venues
  • Our marquees are clear-span, fully lined, carpeted and heated
  • Overnight security for marquees
  • Using our own 6ftx6ft exhibition screens we shield back-to-back positions
  • 3500 – 4500 adult visitors on average at each of our events last year
  • An average public:exhibitor ratio of 86:1
  • At Tatton Park we arrange for free wifi for business use

In More Detail


All our events have a non-duplication policy, this helps you maximise your profit by not directly competing with other exhibitors, this is why you can’t just book online.
We select a balanced variety of exhibitors, ensuring non-duplication based on the Option Forms. We send you booking forms confirming which events have a position for you. All we need to confirm your position is post-dated cheque or payment via PayPal. We know cash-flow is important, that’s why we only cash your cheque six weeks before the event date, and don’t take deposits!

To get started please download our option pack 2019. All our events are in high demand from exhibitors so if you don’t hear from us straight away it could be that the event you asked for is full, if so we will automatically add you onto the cancellations list.

Our dates for the following year and bookings for those events start in December.

Stand Details

Each 3m frontage x 1.9m (10ftx6ft) deep space will be backed by a wall or 1.8m high screen erected by Countrywide (at our discretion), we have a stock of our own exhibition screens so that the event looks professional. One 6ft trestle table and two chairs for each stand. We do not guarantee positions or more than 1no table. There are limited ‘double’ spaces (15ftx6ft). Extra space may be available for workshops or demonstrations.


Each space will have at least one 13-amp socket within 4.3mts (15ft). We do not guarantee the supply at any venues however we do not charge for electric hook-up and can help with extra cables to your stand. Our booking form includes electrical safety instructions such as PAT tested electrical equipment.


It is in your interest to equip, furnish and light your stand safely and to the best of your ability.

Visitors now expect a high standard of display. Arriving at an event without at least three lights cannot be excused. Please feel free to ask for advice about your display, Iain Gregory trained and worked as an exhibition designer!!


You are responsible for your display and stock at all times

We strongly recommend that you take out public liability/damage insurance to cover injury to third parties and damage to venues. Countrywide’s policy DOES NOT cover you for any loss/damage including event abandonment by whatever cause including weather.

Marketing Campaign

Our major publicity is managed by professional advertising agencies supervised by Countrywide Events. The campaign includes paid-for and free distribution papers plus a leaflet/poster campaign up to 35 miles from the venue. Approach roads have advance road signs and all routes are then direction signposted for the weekend. We also provide press releases for the local press and radio.

Promoting The Event

Newspaper advertising and targeted full-colour leaflet drop managed by professional agencies. A mixture of other media handled in-house to promote each event.

We are a second generation family business with over 30 years experience in events, we know how and where to find the right visitors to make each event a success for you.

On average we spend 38% of your fee on advertising – one of the highest spend rates for events of our size

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